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Welcome to our Curriculum at Sethavidhya! Our curriculum is designed to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for young children. Parents can feel comfortable and secure entrusting their children to us, knowing that we are committed to their well-being and development, laying a strong foundation for the future. Additionally, our curriculum prepares students for the global stage, offering them the skills and knowledge to study abroad or continue their education here in Thailand.

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At 2-3 years old, we focus on nurturing physical, mental, and emotional growth by encouraging creative thinking, fostering curiosity and happiness. This lays a strong foundation to prepare them for the future.

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Our kindergarten offers a broad curriculum for 3-5-year-olds, fostering exploration of many topics to build a foundation for understanding detailed subjects in primary school, focusing on 'Learning by Doing' to promote true understanding and creative thinking.

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At Sethavidhya, we aim to ease the transition from kindergarten to primary school. Students in primary school learn to be independent learners, focusing on creative thinking, application of knowledge, and the desire to succeed, all while using Marshall Cavendish books, which teach subjects in more detail.

Always be inspired to learn and develop ethically.

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