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2-3 years old

At this age, we focus on their growth and development physically, mentally and emotionally. 

This is through encouraging "creative thinking"  to promote curiosity and joy in them. We believe that this is a good way of constructing a firm solid foundation to prepare our toddlers.


3-5 years old

Our school concentrate on providing a more general based curriculum for our Kindergarten, where students will get to explore a vast variety of topics with many subjects mixed-in through various teaching methods without having specific subject periods distributed throughout the day.

This will act as a foundation for the students to further understand specific subjects or topics once it gets more detailed in Primary.

Our teaching method involves heavily on  "Learning by Doing" to expedite & ensure that our students actually understand and not just memorising. Promoting creative thinking in the process. 


6-12 years old

Sethavidhya aims to make the transition from Kindergarten to Primary as smooth as possible. In Primary, the students will be introduced to a more "Self Learning" approach, which will differ from the Kindergarten curriculum. Students with a foundation on

1) Creative Thinking

2) Applicative thinking

3) Mindset of Achieving

are likely to perform well and enjoy learning or exploring new topics.

We use the internationally accepted Marshall Cavendish books for our core subjects, where the topics are to be taught in more detail than the Kindergarten curriculum.

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